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Architettura Sonora

Architettura Sonora

The reinvention fo the Palazzo della Gherardesca took seven years, when architects, historians and craftsmen lovingly prepared two historic Florentine palaces and the city’s largest enclosed private gardens for the next evolution in their storied history, the new Four Seasons Hotel in Florence. Through half a millennium, successive owners and residents have made their mark with additions and improvements, with each preserving the work of their predecessors: the result in an epic journey through Florentine history.

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Architettura Sonora

Such a precious treasure of the Florentine heritage relies on an Architettura Sonora's Hi-End sound system, a contemporary jewel of Tuscan craftmanship, to create a magical aural ambience in park, whose gazebos located inside it offer the bluetooth acoustic diffusion through the suspended loudspeakers Spherina Airs, in the one-Michelin-star restaurant, "il Palagio" , located on the ground floor of the Palazzo della Gherardesca (where Sphere 360 are located), in the main patio and in the verandas too (through Medium Cylinders).

Architettura Sonora Ball

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