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Bollard Outdoor Speaker

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Origin Acoustics Bollard LSB64RD Outdoor Speaker 

Standing out from outdated outdoor speakers with its sleek and minimal design, Origin Acoustics Bollard Outdoor Speaker offers you uninterrupted music enjoyment outside your home.

Full Range Sound: Each Bollard Speaker includes an easy-to-bury integrated subwoofer. Located just below the acoustic lens, this 6.5-inch woofer adds a significant amount of bass to the music you listen to, despite its relatively small size. But of course, the real magic happens when you combine two or more Bollard Speakers in a single space. You can control the sound you want from anywhere in your garden.

360 Degree Sound: The Bollard Outdoor Speaker utilizes a 4" and 1/2" down-firing driver that is distributed in 180 or 360 degree patterns. This means that low and high frequencies cover the same amount of space no matter where you are in the sound system, with virtually no difference in sound quality.

Aluminum Enclosure: Durable fluorocarbon coatings are used for high-quality aluminum enclosures. This method provides resistance to moisture, heat and sun while preserving the natural beauty of aluminum. Origin Acoustics Bollard Outdoor Speaker is available in three colors - silver, black and bronze - and comes with a five-year warranty. 


Woofer: 6 1/2" Poly Woofer

Midrange: 4 1/2" Alüminyum

Tweeter: 1" PEI

Subwoofer Diameter: 12 1/2" (315 mm)

SAT Diameter: 5 1/2" (140 mm)

Power RMS: 60W

Maximum Power: 100W

Frequence: 48Hz - 20KHz

Impedance: 6 Ohm (Sub) / 4 Ohm (Sat)

Transformer Taps: 70V-50W/25W

Mounting Depth: 8 1/2" (212 mm) 

Bollard Speakers Dimensions



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