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L-Acoustics Hawaii 2.1

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L-Acoustics Hawaii 2.1

Instant clubbing clout

Our Hawaii professional sound system brings the music festival to your private lounge environment and fills the room with the vibes you love. In fact, Hawaii perfectly matches the sonic signature of L-Acoustics professional stage systems used for mixing at the world’s most sought-after music events and tours.

The X8 concentric speaker design at the core of Hawaii makes it the preferred desk monitor choice of leading front of house engineers worldwide. X8 puts you in the position of experiencing the dynamics of live music as if you were at the mixing console yourself, faders up. Way up if you like. There is ample SPL available.

As for the bass, this 2.1 setup pairs two X8 with two Syva Sub, a subwoofer that combines all of our most advanced pro audio technologies to optimise low frequency delivery while keeping turbulence under control and improving articulation. With Hawaii 2.1, your living space will always be prime real estate for party time.

Includes: LA4X, X8 (two), Syva Sub (two)

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