Afram Cover
Afram Cover
Resmi Galeri görüntüleyiciye yükleyin, Afram Cover
Resmi Galeri görüntüleyiciye yükleyin, Afram Cover

Afram Cover


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This cover is a a tribute of the permanently installed sculpture, situated about 26 miles northwest of the city of Marfa. The artists called the work a "pop architectural land art project." The logo of the work was notably seen in the New York series "Gossip Girl". With its marble side, this will definitely bring a classy touch to your room.

Bu kapak, Marfa şehrinin yaklaşık 42 mil kuzeybatısında bulunan kalıcı olarak yerleştirilmiş heykelin bir övgüsüdür. Çalışmanın logosu özellikle New York dizisi "Gossip Girl" de görüldü. Mermer tarafı ile odanıza kesinlikle şık bir dokunuş getirecek.


Beoplay A9 Speaker Cover


Manufactured with lycra material with a high print quality. We use lycra so as not to alter the sound quality of your Bang & Olufsen speaker. The cover is extremely easy to put in place.. 

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