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+Brauer Flash Robot Model Saat

FLASH is part of “Viva la Robolución!”, a very cool exhibit of upcycled, retro-futuristic luminous robots by Parisian artist Bruno Lefèvre-Brauer, aka +Brauer.

+Brauer’s art form is called upcycling, and it is a remarkable concept that allows materials to be saved, reused, and reclaimed. Born out of what could be termed a poetic resistance to overconsumption, the artist chooses components for his sculptures that have an industrial past. Marked by time and boasting patinas derived from hard use, this imbues the robots with their very specific character and makes them more visually interesting.

Each completed robot is a unique piece with its own tailor-made lighting design. At night, it is the turn of the poetic, evocative light fittings to reveal their magic.


W/H 53x26cm D 19cm 

Materials: Upcycled components with an industrial past Lighting system
Certificate: 1/1 Single Edition, Unique piece


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