C'est la vie Retro Cover

C'est la vie Retro Cover


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Elizabeth Romhild in cooperation with Skiniplay is presenting art on Bang & Olufsens’s Beoplay & Beosound speaker. The ambition of this collaboration is to present an advanced mood changing of your Beoplay A9 that will uniquely offer a fancy atmosphere to your room.

Elizabeth Romhild, Skiniplay ile işbirliği yaparak, Bang & Olufsen’in Beoplay & Beosound hoparlörlerinde sanatını sergiliyor. Bu işbirliğinin amacı, Beoplay A9'unuzun odanıza benzersiz bir atmosfer katmasıdır.


Beoplay A9 Speaker Cover


Manufactured with lycra material with a high print quality. We use lycra so as not to alter the sound quality of your Bang & Olufsen speaker. The cover is extremely easy to put in place.. 

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