Tonga 2.1
Tonga 2.1
Tonga 2.1
Resmi Galeri görüntüleyiciye yükleyin, Tonga 2.1
Resmi Galeri görüntüleyiciye yükleyin, Tonga 2.1
Resmi Galeri görüntüleyiciye yükleyin, Tonga 2.1

Tonga 2.1


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May the power be with you

For music lovers, Tonga 2.1 scores a perfect ten. All ten components of Tonga — two Syva, two Syva Low, four Syva sub, two LA4X amplifiers—join forces to form a high performance, high fidelity pro audio system never before available for residential installations…until now.

Tonga instantly impresses with its presence and technical prowess in power, throw and wide coverage at high SPL while remaining resolutely transparent in its delivery of musical content. The system is a standard-bearer of the world-renowned L-Acoustics sonic signature which graces exclusive members-only clubs, as well as esteemed concert halls and music venues featuring every genre, from classic to EDM.

Along with Tonga’s unrivalled sonic qualities, the Syva family of components display a sublimely sleek form factor ideally suited to enjoying music with friends. Whether entertaining inside or poolside, turning up Tonga is the ultimate party trick and one that won’t soon be forgotten by you or your guests.

Includes: LA4X (two), Syva (two), Syva Sub (four), Syva Low (two)

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