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You and Me Dış Mekan Pinpon Masası

RS Barcelona

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RS Barcelona You and Me Dış Pinpon Masası

You and Me, hayal edebileceğiniz tüm anları içerir. Daha önce hiç görmediğiniz gibi bir pinpon masası ve aynı zamanda her iç mekana uyan ancak dış mekanlarda gerçekten kendine özgü olan şık, minimalist çizgilere sahip bir masadır.

Yüksek kaliteli, uzun ömürlü malzemelerden üretilen masa günlük kullanıma ve oyuna hazırdır. Siyah veya beyaz HPL üst - standart masa tenisi masalarında kullanılan yüzey - dış mekan kullanımı için mükemmeldir. Sert hava ve sıcaklık değişikliklerine dayanacak şekilde tasarlanan ürünün temizlenmesi ve bakımı da kolaydır.


You and Me contains all the moments you can imagine. It’s a ping-pong table like you’ve never seen before, and it’s also a table with sleek, minimalist lines that suits any interior but really comes into its own in outdoor settings. 

There’s time for everything with a You and Me. Time for children to have their breakfast as the clock ticks down for the start of school. Time to invite some friends round for dinner and wind down after a hectic day. There’s also time to enjoy the nice weather, with barbecues, birthday cakes and other outdoor celebrations. There’s even time to get serious and use You and Me as your work desk. And it goes without saying that there’s plenty of time for many hours of ping pong too.

Because, first and foremost, You and Me is a ping pong table, with dimensions, a playing surface, a design and a structure that offer full playability. Just like a professional table.

When not in use, all the sporting elements – the net, the paddles and the balls – are stored in a discreet side drawer, completely out of sight. And the table is ready for other uses.

Manufactured with high-quality, hardwearing materials, the table is ready for daily use and play. The black or white HPL top – the surface used in standard ping pong tables – is perfect for outdoor use. Designed to withstand inclement weather and temperature changes, it’s also easy to clean and maintain.


Structure: Steel with cataphoretic coating process and polyester paint.
Top: HPL.
Legs: Iroko wood.
Net: Polyester fabric.

In line with RS Barcelona’s philosophy, the table can be customised with special finishes, colours and even logos, making You and Me a special, unique item.

– Net
– Set of 6 balls
– Set of 2 paddles


180-Small 76 H x 180 W x 132 D cm
220-Medium 76 H x 220 W x 152.5 D cm
Standard 76 H x 274 W x 184 D cm

180-Small 55 kg
220-Medium 75 kg
Standard 105 kg

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