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Chopper Chair

Chopper Chair: A Legacy

The story of Buster + Punch's new chair, the Chopper Chair, dates back to 1973. The original version of this design was indeed written and realized by the father of Massimo Buster Minale, the founder and creative director of the Buster + Punch brand. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the brand reinterprets and transforms the Chopper Chair design with all its strengths and weaknesses. The chair takes on a modern and timeless look.

Chopper Chair Revitalized


"Wouldn’t it be great to bring back this chair which our dad designed almost exactly the same month and year but 50 years ago?"

In order to bring the 70's feel of the original Chopper Chair design up to date, the talented designers at Buster + Punch used a black chrome finish. The result is a more futuristic look, but with a nod to the design's roots: the iconic metal frame remains intact. The brand also emphasizes that the proportions of the Chopper Chair have been maintained. This means that the fundamentals of the product have not been altered, but only equipped with details to be adapted to the present day.

Reinvented Without Losing Touch

Design Details
Chopper Chair Design
Buster and Punch
Buster and Punch

B+P's eye-catching logo on the nails that bring the chair together gives it a symbolic and iconic quality. Thus, as Buster + Punch celebrates its tenth anniversary, it has put its signature on such an iconic design. Moreover, the chair, together with its details, creates a unity with all other Buster + Punch products. Thus, a privileged harmony is achieved in home design.

"A lounge chair with an iconic 70s silhouette, wide-gauge tubular steel frame, and a comfortable full grain black leather seat and backrest.”

Chopper Chair
Buster and Punch Chopper Chair

The covering on the Chopper Chair does more than just give it a modern look. Thanks to its removable feature, it also adds a versatile dimension to the chair. By tightening or loosening the straps on the back, you can make the chair firm or soft. Thus, you can create the most suitable experience for yourself and include the chair in your routine. You can use it as an office chair and get all your work done easily, or you can put it in front of the TV and watch your favorite movie comfortably.

Much More Than Just a Chair

Chopper Chair

The creative team emphasizes that this chair is much more than a chair: Their entire childhood, their creations, their memories, all centered around this chair. From start to finish, the Chopper Chair is the product of a passion for design passed down from father to son. Now, as they celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Buster + Punch brand, they share this experience with their followers and give others a chance to create new memories.

Chopper Chair, which is also the first chair released by Buster + Punch, may be an opportunity for you to create brand new memories with your loved ones!

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