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Suntory Launches 21-Year-Old Hibiki Whiskey

Hibiki Whisky 21-years old

Suntory, undoubtedly one of the most iconic Japanese whisky producers, celebrates its 100th anniversary with the release of a limited edition, 21-year-old Hibiki whisky. With the new Hibiki Japanese Harmony 100th Anniversary Edition, Suntory shows that it is a master whisky artist.

"A tribute to the 24 subtle season changes from the ancient traditional lunar calendar."

Suntory Privilege

The company's master chef Shinji Fukuyo combines the taste of honey with the unforgettable aroma of Mizunara to create a unique taste for whisky lovers around the world. The unique qualities of the blend redefine whisky and elegance itself oozes out of the bottle. Hibiki Japanese Harmony 100th Anniversary Edition is sure to be one of Suntory's most talked about whiskies.

Considered one of the most prestigious Japanese whiskies of all time, Hibiki offers great quality and finesse. Notes of lychee, rose, rosemary and sandalwood are combined with complementary flavors such as candied orange peel and white chocolate. Hibiki Japanese Harmony seems to have a unique place in both the palate and the mind. Add it to a cocktail or enjoy it on its own: Hibiki quality will shine through no matter what.

Suntory 21 years old Hibiki Whisky

Premium Bottle, Premium Label

The bottle of Hibiki Japanese Harmony, redesigned especially for the 100th anniversary celebrations, stands out with its special meaning and aesthetics. The 24-sided bottle offers a unique symbolism, representing the 24 hours of a day and the 24 Japanese seasons of a year. This special design stands out as an expression of respect for the continuity of time and the cycle of nature.

The label of this special limited edition bottle is inspired by the traditional Japanese art of Setsugekka. Setsugekka is a theme representing the beauty of nature, including snow, moon and flowers. The label's use of these elements to depict the changing nature of the world reflects the deep meaning and aesthetics of Japanese culture.

This special formulation of Hibiki Japanese Harmony is distinctive not only for its unique blend of whiskies, but also for its elegant and meaningful design. This special bottle is the perfect choice for celebrations and special moments, bringing together the richness of Japanese culture and the elegance of time.

"To become a blender at Suntory, one needs to be able to communicate with whiskies that can not speak."

Suntory Employees
Suntory employees outside the Kotobukiya store in Osaka more than a century ago

Harmony and Unity, Today and Tomorrow

With Hibiki Japanese Harmony 100th Anniversary Edition, Suntory bridges the past with the present and connects Japanese whisky culture with the world's cultural heritage. According to Suntory, this new blend "celebrates Suntory's philosophy of living in harmony with people and nature." Suntory's new 100th anniversary Hibiki Japanese whisky is a dream experience for collectors and whisky lovers around the world. It is sure to make a name for itself again and again, even after many years have passed.

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