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Coachwhip Carabiner

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A secure and elegant home for keys and everyday accessories: Craighill Coachwhip Carabiner

Paying homage to the familiar and ingenious design of the classic carabiner, Craighill presents the Coachwhip Carabiner. The perfect way to carry your keys and everyday accessories with you.

Named after the Coachwhip snake for its distinctive S-shape, the carabiner is made from a CNC milled stainless steel body and is extremely robust. The spring-loaded wires, also made of stainless steel, easily attach to your belt loops and prevent your keys from accidentally opening and scattering on the floor while you're in a hurry. The frame of the Craighill Coachwhip Carabiner tapers elegantly at the bottom, so you can insert and remove your keys directly without the need for an additional loop.



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