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Diagonal Pool Table

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RS Barcelona Diagonal Pool Table. Not just a pool table, but a work of art that fills its space with design, elegance and a playful attitude.

RS Barcelona Diagonal Pool Table is inspired by the perfect line of the game and the main streets of Barcelona, where it is produced. Its design shows a simple and innovative form that makes it unique and timeless. It manages to achieve the perfect mix of fun and design. With its light and modern lines and high-quality finishes, it is a signature piece in its own right. It is the perfect complement to RS Barcelona's other products such as table tennis and football tables.


Enjoy the game without sacrificing design.

Choose from a variety of colors, from calm black to bright white, striking red, casual elegant green or eye-catching navy blue.


The diagonal pool table comes in two different sizes, 7ft American and 8ft American, to meet different space requirements. The table is designed to be easily assembled, so you won't need the help of a team of experts to set it up. Discover RS Barcelona with JUSTSTANDART difference!



Designed by Yonoh Studio

Structure: Steel and polyester paint with micro-textured finish.
Cloth: Gorina (90% worsted wool + 10% nylon).
Board: 20-mm-thick compact fibre cement slab.
Legs: Steel with cataphoretic coating and polyester paint, combined with iroko, oak or walnut wood.
Cushions: K-66 premium rubber.

– 16 Aramith Premium balls
– 2 Dufferin club series cues with Canadian maple shaft
– Triangle ball rack
– 12 chalks
– Brush for the cloth


7ft American 80 H x 235.5 W x 135 D cm
8ft American 80 H x 260 W x 152 D cm

7ft American 195 kg
8ft American 215 kg


RS Barcelona products are made from high quality materials that will last a long time. But as with any product that we love and want to protect, they need maintenance, and this needs to be done regularly for parts used outdoors. 

- Carefully read the recommendations and tips in the user manual that comes with each product. 

- There is no "one size fits all" statement regarding the frequency of maintenance of products. This will depend very much on the environment in which they are placed (indoor, outdoor or covered outdoor area; seaside or next to a swimming pool; areas with very high humidity conditions or frequent rainfall). The maintenance period therefore needs to be adjusted according to how the product and materials perform in their environment.


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