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RS#3 Wood Football Table

RS Barcelona

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RS Barcelona RS#3 Wood Indoor/Outdoor Football Table

Foosball, one of the oldest known games in world history, RS Barcelona adds richness to your spaces with its modern and high quality reinterpretation.

Made of polyester painted steel; black, red, gray, white and green color alternatives RS BARCELONA FOOTBALL TABLE RS#3 It is also preferred with its weather-resistant stainless steel model. Thanks to the rubber-based feet of the table, which can adapt to your spaces with its different dimensions, you do not have to worry about taking unfair advantage in sloping places.

It is perfect for your parties and events with its glass stand and ashtray usage areas on the sides.

RS BARCELONA FOOTBALL TABLE RS#3The most privileged feature of the game is that its players can be designed individually. So, you can determine team jerseys, hair colors and genders.

RS#3 Wood is the natural progression of our determination to push the boundaries. We've incorporated wood in our football tables. And for this purpose we've chosen iroko, a wood suitable for outdoor use. Like metal, it's extremely durable and hardwearing, an essential requirement in our range of football tables.
Designed for outdoor living. It has the same structure as the RS#3 but is fitted with wooden legs, which give the design added warmth and a more contemporary look. The essence of the game remains intact, because playability, toughness, durability and design form the perfect combination in all our football tables, so you can enjoy the game without having to compromise on design. This table will be with you for as many different lives as you wish to live. 


Designed by Rafael Rodriguez

Structure: Steel with cataphoretic coating process and polyester paint.
Inox structure: Stainless steel.
Legs: Iroko wood.
Field: HPL
Players: Cast aluminium.
Handles: Iroko wood.


92 H x 151 W x 128 D cm

84 kg


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