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You and Me Indoor Ping-Pong Table

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RS Barcelona You and Me Indoor Ping-Pong Table

RS Barcelona takes fun and design to the next level by combining the You and Me table tennis design with wood. When the game is over and you're done celebrating your victories, all the supplies - net, paddles and balls - are stored in a hidden side drawer, completely out of sight.

You can choose from two finishes - sleek walnut or warm oak - available in two different shades, each with its own special character. Three sizes are available: Standard, with the standard dimensions of a ping-pong table; Medium-220; and Small-180, suitable for tighter spaces.

To create a comfortable, functional dining room and work environment, You and Me indoor ping pong table is the perfect companion and the best choice.

In keeping with RS Barcelona's philosophy, the table can be customized with special finishes, colors and even logos. This makes You and Me an exclusive and unique product.

With the You and Me Indoor Table Tennis Table, fun is always close at hand.



Structure:Steel with cataphoretic coating process and polyester paint.
Top:Walnut or oak wood.
Legs:Walnut or oak wood.
Net:Polyester fabric.

In line with RS Barcelona’s philosophy, the table can be customised with special finishes, colours and even logos, making You and Me a special, unique item.

– Net
– Set of 6 balls
– Set of 2 paddles


180-Small 76 H x 180 W x 132 D cm
220-Medium 76 H x 220 W x 152.5 D cm
Standard 76 H x 274 W x 184 D cm

180-Small 55 kg
220-Medium 100 kg
Standard 120 kg


RS Barcelona products are made from high quality materials that will last a long time. But as with any product that we love and want to protect, they need maintenance, and this needs to be done regularly for parts used outdoors. 

- Carefully read the recommendations and tips in the user manual that comes with each product. 

- There is no "one size fits all" statement regarding the frequency of maintenance of products. This will depend very much on the environment in which they are placed (indoor, outdoor or covered outdoor area; seaside or next to a swimming pool; areas with very high humidity conditions or frequent rainfall). The maintenance period therefore needs to be adjusted according to how the products and materials perform in their environment.


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